Library Instructions on Graduates Leaving School Procedures

In order to facilitate graduates to leave school, our library inform graduates to follow these school leaving procedures:

1.From 5thJune, the graduates will not be able to borrow books and the school leaving procedures will begin;

2.Before 11 a.m. 16thJune,the graduates should return all the books and journals which they borrowed from the library and pay off the overdue penalty. In case of book overdue or lost, please come to the first floor main hall service center to handle the paymentproceduresbefore the school leaving system closed;

3.Deadline for submitting Master degree or Doctor degree’s electronic edition thesis is 11 am 16thJune;

Notice: When the school leaving system is closed, the library will submit a list of graduates who have not completed the procedures torelevantoffices, and these students should come to the library to finish the procedures in person.

Thank you for your corporation!