Borrowing &Returning

Borrowing Returning

Central China Normal University Library acquires approximately 2,490,000 books & periodicals from home and abroad . There are five circulation reading rooms which can offer borrowing returning services for readers.


Valid Identification

All readers must present a valid CCNU campus "all-in-one-card"  to check out items. The maximum borrowing volumes for one card is up to 10 or 15 items at one time according to each category of borrower.


Loan rules and periods

1. The maximum number of items that can be borrowed are as following: Graduate students and Faculty: 15 items, Undergraduate: 10 items. Generally, loan periods are as following: Graduate student s and Faculty: 90 days, : Undergraduate:  60 day.

2. During summer and winter holidays the loan period will extend 1 to 2 weeks after term begins. A fine is assessed for individual books that are 2 weeks overdue. Fines will accrue from the first day term begins.

3. Readers who cannot return books on time because of being away on official business must offer written certification .



Books may be renewed once,  You must renew the books one day to five days before the due date. The user may renew the books through the online catalog by calling up his or her personal record and indicating which item(s) should be renewed. But if you have outstanding charges or overdue items over a certain limit, you will not be allowed to do this.