Library Card

Library Card

Library card, namely a valid CCNUcampusall-in-one-card

1.Card holders may use valid cards to access library and library service. Please bring cards anytime when you visit library, use them properly.  

2.Card holders can borrow the books from thecirculationreading rooms.  Card holders may view personal books information and renew the books through the online “my library” system using personal card account.  

3.There are 240 computers in    E-Learning      Self-Study      Center   on the fourth floor of the library.Card holders can use these computersfor web browsing by topping up personal library card.

4.There are sevenself-help printing, copying and scanning integrated machinesin the library. Card holders can use these machinesby topping up personal library card.

5. Card holderscan use laptops for wireless access in the library building byopening authority and recharging in the university network center.