Education of information literacy

Education of information literacy 

Library offers all kinds of courses and training sessions for readers at different levels all the year around to enhance their information consciousness and competence.

1.   Courses

In order to improve students" Information literacy, the library has set up 2 formal curriculums for undergraduate of all majors. In addition, we offer 2 elective courses for College of Physical Science and Technology and College of Chemistry .

2.   Training

With the purpose of helping readers to make full use of the library and to make better use of resources and services, the library provides a series of 90-minute thematic lectures related to library resources and services. such  as document retrieval and utilization, online database searching, software application etc.


3.   Freshmen education

At the beginning of each academic year, library orientations are offered to all the freshmen in Central China Normal University . They can also learn to utilize the library by online tutorials.